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OMRON 3G2A5-DA001 [Price]
A0012-60950), UL508. Conform to EN61000-3-2. Parallel / series operation. Model: PY (back-mounting
OMRON 61F-APN2 AC200V [Price]
C200V4mm). Without harmful substances to the environment, the lead type has also been lead-free. Ac
OMRON 61F-G1P AC200 [Price]
C200 Increase wiring efficiency with three-row mounting of Switch Blocks. Finger protection mechan
OMRON 61F-GP-N AC200 [Price]
C200 Selection, operation and setting. Functional performance of input and output points. Support
OMRON 61F-GP-ND AC200 [Price]
C200 Prevent mutual interference for up to five Units by using a Calculating Unit. Product name: NS
OMRON 61F-GP-NH AC200 [Price]
C200 Output voltage: 5VDC. Output current: 7.0A. Economic type power supply S8JC-Z additional models
OMRON 61F-GP-NL 2KM AC200 [Price]
C200 High speed sampling of 50 /s (20ms). 0.01 degree: platinum temperature resistance body Pt100
OMRON 61F-GPN-V50 AC200 [Price]
C200 Number of beams: 86. Protective height: 1720mm. Safety Light Curtains with Durable, Impact-r
OMRON 61F-HSL AC200 [Price]
C200 Mounts in a square cutout and conceals the hole-cut to, simplify installation work. Cover c
OMRON Heat resistant type starting water tank alarm device 61F-IP-22 AC200 [Products]
2 heat resistant devices. Heat resistant device used as starting water tank water reducing alarm de
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