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OMRON 3G8B3-DRM21-E [Price]
RM21-E (model numbers with “N” before the suffix). Output: SPDT. Lighting: LED without Voltage Red
OMRON 3G8E2-DRM21-EV1 [Price]
CJ1W-OD213 and, CJ1W-OD234 can help to increase system. throughput. Direction of Operation Key in
OMRON 3G8E2-DRM21-V1 [Price]
RM21-V1050 A . Rated input: 50 Hz, 13 W ; 60 Hz, 11 W . Rated rotational speed: 50 Hz, 2550 r/min;
OMRON 3G8F7-CRM21 [Price]
RM21 Has excellent environmental performance. Standard wire material for oil resistant PVC. Test
OMRON 3G8F7-DRM21-E [Price]
RM21-E (S8VM- - P - 24A - racy type) Power failure detection function with built-in hint output volt
OMRON DeviceNet Master Module C200HW-DRM21-V1 [Products]
RM21-V1. Baud rate: 500, 250, or 125 kbps (selectable) DeviceNet Master Unit The DeviceNet Master
OMRON C200HW-DRM21-V1 [Price]
RM21-V120. Inspection capabilities, camera options, and communication options -- this powerful, h
OMRON C200HW-PRM21 [Price]
RM21 Finger protection mechanism on Switch Unit provided as a standard feature. Use 25-dia. ring t
OMRON CompoBus/S Master Module C200HW-SRM21-V1 [Products]
RM21-V1. Communications protocol: Dedicated CompoBus/S protocol. CompoBus/S Master Unit High-spee
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