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OMRON CS1W-CLK53 datasheet PDF catalog CS1W-CLK53 PDF datasheet

Brand: OMRON
Product model: CS1W-CLK53
Name: Controller Link Units
Sort: PDF datasheet
File language: English
File size: 1.27MB
Product name: N@@S1- type CPU Units with 40 I/O Points.
Specifications: Power Supply, 100 to 240 VAC; Inputs, 24; Outputs, 16;
Output type: Relay.
Program capacity: 8K steps.
memory Data capacity: 8K words.
External powersupply(24 VDC): 0.30A.
Current consumption: 5 V, 0.21A; 24 V,0.09A.
Standards: CE CS1W-CLK53 PDF datasheet.
The CP1E Programmable Controller: Economical, Easy to use, and Efficient CS1W-CLK53
The E@@(S)-type Basic CPU Units provide cost,
performance and easy application with only basic functionality.
The N@@(S@) and NA-types Application CPU Units,
support Programmable Terminal connection, position control,
and inverter connection. SPACER FOR II101 C500-SP001Due to the use of the SYSNET link unit,
Making the N:N maximum capable of connecting 126 sets of PC communications becomes possible,
High speed long distance optical cable CS1W-CLK53 PDF datasheet. Power supply: DC power supply.
Output method: Transistor output source type.
Inputs points: 12 points.
Outputs points: 8 points.Name: Loop-control CPU Unit.
I/O bits: 1,280 bits.
Program capacity: 30K steps.
DM words: 32K words.
EM words: 32K words × 1 bank E0_00000 to E0_32767 CS1W-CLK53 PDF datasheet.
Versatile Machine Control with the,
Highest Performance Standards in the Industry. Number of outputs: 16 pts.
Max. switch-ing capacity: 50 mA at 4.5 V DC to 300 mA at 26.4 V.
External connector: Terminal block.
Weight: 210 g max.Unit type: CJ1 Basic I/O Units.
Product name: TTL I/O Units.
Specifications: Output type, --;
I/O points, 32 inputs, 32 outputs;
Input voltage,Input current, 5VDC, 35mA,
5VDC, 35mA;
Commons, 16 points, 1 common;
External connection, MIL connector.
No. of words allocated: 4 words.
Current consumption: 5V, 0.19A; 24V, --.
Standards: UC1, N, CE.
A Wide Range of Basic Mixed,
I/O Units for Different Applications,
and Wiring Methods.
One Mixed I/O Unit has connectors for,
both inputs and outputs.
Use MMixed I/O Units to easily ,
build space-saving systems CS1W-CLK53 datasheet PDF catalog. C200H Accessory Programming Console Adapter C200H-BP002.Includes a Fuzzy Training System Manual,
a Main Unit, a C200H-MR831 Memory Unit,
a C200H-PRO27-E PProgramming Console,
a C200H-CN222 Cable for the Programming Console,
C500-SU981-E Fuzzy Training Software,
an RS-232C Cable, and a carrying belt CS1W-CLK53 datasheet PDF catalog.
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