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Brand: OMRON
Product model: G9SX-LM224-F10-RC
Name: CPU Unit
File language: English
File size: 1.19MB
Terminal (wire connection): Push-In Plus Terminal.
Applicable output load: DC load.
Zero cross function: --.
Rated input voltage: AC/DC 48V.
Global standard size,
low profile slim I/O relay with width 6.2 mm,
slim I/O solid state relay.
Realized about 25% lower profile than conventional,
products, contributing to further miniaturization of the,
control panel G9SX-LM224-F10-RC USER'S MANUAL G9SX-LM224-F10-RC
Push-In Plus terminal blocks are used to save wiring work,
in comparison with conventional screw terminals.
(Wiring time is reduced by 60%* in comparison with,
traditional screw terminals.).
No screw loosening means maintenance-free application,
realizing high reliability.
Hand-free structure that holds an inserted flat-blade,
screwdriver to achieve easier wiring work for stranded wires G9SX-LM224-F10-RC USER'S MANUAL.
Screw terminal is also stocked to meet the screw type needs.
Mounted relay or solid-state relay has a plug-in terminal.
that is difficult to bend at the time of exchange. Number of phases: Three-phase.
Insulation method: Phototriac coupler.
Operation indicator: Yes (yellow).
Rated input voltage: 12 to 24 VDC.
Zero cross function: Yes G9SX-LM224-F10-RC USER'S MANUAL.
Type: Externally attached heat sinks.
Applicable load: 35 A, 200 to 480 VAC.
Number of pole: 3.
Compact, Slim-profile SSRs with Heat Sinks.
Solid State Contactors for Three-phase.
Heaters Reduced Installation Work.
with DIN Track Mounting.
RoHS compliant.
Surge pass protection improved surge dielectric strength,
for output currents. (OMRON testing).
Slim design with 3-phase output and built-in heat sinks.
DIN Track mounting types and screw mounting types are available.
All DIN Track mounting types mount to DIN Track.
(applicable DIN Track: TR35-15Fe (IEC 60715)).
Conforms to UL, CSA, and EN standards (TÜV certification). Isolation: Phototriac.
Zero cross function: No.
Indicator: No.
Rated output load: 5 A at 100 to 240 VAC.
Rated input voltage(See note 1, 2.): 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC.
Compact, Low-cost, SSR Switching 5 to 20 A.
Wide load voltage range: 75 to 264 VVAC G9SX-LM224-F10-RC Manual. Both 100-V and,
200-V loads can be handled with the same model.
Dedicated, compact aluminum PCB and power elements used.
Built-in varistor effectively absorbs external surges.
Quick-connect #110 input terminals andd #250 output,
connections G9SX-LM224-F10-RC Manual. (#187 input terminals and #250 output,
connections are available.).
“-US” models certified by UL, CSA, and IEC/EN (TÜV).
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