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Brand: OMRON
Product model: ZEN-10C1AR-A-V2
Name: CPU Unit
File language: English
File size: 1.42MB
Unit: CPU Units.
Name: Standard LCD type.
No. of I/O points: 10.
LCD display: Yes.
Power supply voltage: 12 to 24 VDC.
Inputs: 6, 12 to 24 VDC.
Outputs: 4, Relays.
Buttons, calendar, and clock: Yes.
Analog input: Yes.
Even Broader Applications with Increased.
Functionality and Higher Precision ZEN-10C1AR-A-V2 REFERENCE MANUAL.
Increased functionality in a compact body (70 mm wide × 90 mm high) ZEN-10C1AR-A-V2
Easy programming is available using the LCD and operation,
buttons. (See note 1.).
This single Unit easily provides relay, timer, counter, and time,
switch functions.
Expansion is easy with Expansion I/O Units, allowing up to 44,
I/O points. (See note 2.).
Economy-type and Communications-type CPU Units have been,
added to series ZEN-10C1AR-A-V2 REFERENCE MANUAL.
Improved Weekly Timers (See note 1.).
Increased timing accuracy with a monthly deviation of ±15 s,
max. Multiple-day operation and pulse output operation have,
been added.
Select from two power supply options:
100 to 240 VAC or 12 to 24 VDC. Smart Static Electricity Sensing: Making Static Electricity Visible.
Compact sensor head and smart digital amplifier measure,
the electrostatic charge quantity of workpieces at all times ZEN-10C1AR-A-V2 REFERENCE MANUAL.
Multi-point measurements and data logging of the static,
electricity quantity can be performed easily.
Best long-distance, high-precision measurements in the industry. Power supply voltage: DC24V.
Control output: PNP output. Optical system: Regular reflective; Diffuse reflective.
Measurement range: Height direction, 22.3±0.5 mm, 10.6±0.4 mm;
Width direction, 3 mm (typical).
Resolution: Height direction, 0.25 μm;
Width direction, 5 μm (3mm/631pixels).
ZG2 debut!
Achieving stable measurement.
through innovative technology. Classification: Momentary operation.
Shape of Operation Unit: 36 dia. 25 dia.
Output: 1.
Operation Unit color: White (-W).
LLong Service Life with Built-in Z-series ZEN-10C1AR-A-V2 Manual.
Basic Switch.
Using a Basic Switch enables direct switching of large-capacity loads.
Shock-absorbing construction of Operation Unit protects the Switch.
Drip-proof Pushbutton consstruction enables use in locations subject to,
splashing water and oil and scattering dust ZEN-10C1AR-A-V2 Manual.
Pushbuttons are available in three shapes and six colors.
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