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Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Name: Self-powered Tachometer
Model: H7ER-NV-B
Market price: U.S.$ 105.89
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
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Last one: OMRON H7ER-NV-BH
Quantity: Set of 10.
The highest level of ionization in its class.
Sensing and variable-AC system provides fast and meticulous ionization.
Linked Ionizers cover a wide area without causing uneven ionization.
Digital ion display provides simple and reliable settings. Ontology: terminal type, analog input type.
Type: control output 2 point type (power AC/DC24V).
Shell color: black.
Control output 1: current output H7ER-NV-B
Control output 2: voltage output (SSR driver).
Control mode: standard or heating cooling.
Auxiliary output points: 2 points.
A power supply for the detection of /ES1B fault, SSR fault and heater over current for heater use.
Event input points: -.
Transfer output: output (using control output).
Communication: RS-485.
48mm general thermostat has been upgraded & function / performance upgrade.
Indicates that the accuracy is increased and the preventive maintenance function is increased,
Further performance improvement.
E5CN-U (insert type) add analog input and current output type.
Add PV/SV status display function, convenient to check the state of the thermostat (automatic / manual, RUN/STOP, alarm),
Interactive display PV/SV.
Increase the number of control output ON/OFF counting function, can prevent the maintenance of temperature controller internal relay. Contact type: Standard load (250 VAC, 3 A; 30 VDC, 4 A).
Operation: Momentary operation (Self-resetting).
Case color: Light gray.
Output: SPDT.
Lighting: Incandescent lamp; 14 VDC/VAC.
Pushbutton color symbol: R.O.G.W.
Large Square-bodied Lighted.
Pushbutton Switches.
Excellent operating sensitivity.
Excellent illumination with even surface brightness.
Three-color models (green, orange, red; chameleon lighting).
included in lineup. Type: square.
Screen mode: no segmentation.
Light way: incandescent lamp.
Power supply voltage: 6V.
Operation Department color: blue.
Square 40mm body of the indicator light series.
The same type as the A3S series button switch.
Easy to install from the front panel and no tools to carry out the lamp replacement.
H7ER-NV-B Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=H7ER-NV-B&select=5

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