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OMRON A3CT-500R Pirce

Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Model: A3CT-500R
Market price: U.S.$ 3.78
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
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Type: rectangle.
Screen mode: level 2.
Using voltage: DC5V.
Color: white.
Color: white.
Micro design, the length of the body is only 23mm.
LED has five colors (red, yellow, green, white, and blue).
Chip LED to produce a uniform surface brightness.
From the front panel installation, more convenient. Type: 1a1b welding terminal.
Shape: round.
Type: General load.
Action: instantaneous action (auto recovery) A3CT-500R
With lamp: incandescent lamp.
Using voltage: AC/DC24V.
Operation Department color: blue.
20mm long, with 12 round series
High brightness all one side light.
Because it is round, so easy to punch.
Miniaturization, operation feel good. Temperature controller capable of connecting non communication function!
Cable for setting tool.
The computer USB port and EJ1,
E5CN/E5AN/E5EN (New) connection,
Can be easily set the parameters of the temperature controller. Type: square.
Screen mode: no segmentation.
Light way: LED.
Power supply voltage: DC12V.
Operation Department color: blue.
Square 40mm body of the indicator light series.
The same type as the A3S series button switch.
Easy to install from the front panel and no tools to carry out the lamp replacement. Ratings: 0.1 A.
Actuator: Hinge lever.
Terminals: PCB terminals.
Contact form: SPDT.
Sealed Subminiature Basic.
Switch Conforming to IP67.
(Excluding the terminals on terminal models).
Use of epoxy resin assures stable sealing,
making this switch ideal for places subject to,
water spray or excessive dust.
Ideal for automobiles, automatic vending,
machines, refrigerators, ice-making equipment,
bath equipment, hot-water supply systems, air,
conditioners, and industrial equipments, which,
require high environmental resistance.
Models available with UL, CSA, and VDE safety,
standard compliance. Cable: PVC.
Cable core number: 3.
Cable lead direction: straight line type.
Cable length L:2m.
Small round type waterproof connector.
Small waterproof connector can meet the requirement of protection IP67.
Is the ideal choice for a variety of FA and QA applications.
As with connector cable products, so no need for wiring operation.
A3CT-500R Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=A3CT-500R&select=5

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