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OMRON A3CT-90E1-24EW Pirce

Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Name: Button switch
Market price: U.S.$ 33.36
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Actuator: Arm lever.
Conduit size: 1-conduit; Pg13.5.
Built-in switch mechanism: 2NC (Slow-action).
Compact, Plastic-body Safety-door.
Hinge Switch Designed for Saving.
Space in Machines and Other.
Lineup includes three contact models with 2NC/1NO and.
3NC contact forms in addition to the previous contact forms.
1NC/1NO, and 2NC. Models with MBB contacts are also available.
Standardized gold-clad contacts provide high contact reliability A3CT-90E1-24EW
Can be used with both standard loads and microloads. Name: Basic Unit(gradient temperature control)(See note 1.).
Power supply voltage: 24 VDC supplied from the End Unit.
No. of control points: 4.
Control outputs 1 and 2: Voltage output: 2 points (for SSR drive)(See note 2.).
Control outputs 3 and 4: Voltage output: 2 points (for SSR drive) (See note 2.).
Auxiliary output: None.
Functions: Heater burnout alarm, None; Event inputs, None.
Communications functions: G3ZA connection port,
RS-485 From End Unit, Port A, RS-485.
Input type: Thermocouple, platinum resistance thermometer,
analog voltage, and analog current selectable for each channel.
Terminal: Screw-less clamp.
Gradient Temperature Control to Achieve.
Consistent Layer Temperature.
Perform gradient temperature control ranging from 2 to 32 channels.
Perform 2-channel gradient temperature control for up to 16,
groups, or 32-channel gradient temperature control for up to 2 groups.
Set gradient temperature control or 2-PID control for each group.
Reduce design work for ladder programming with programless,
connections to Programmable Controllers. (The same feature,
as Standard-control EJ1 Models.).
Connect directly to the G3ZA Multi-channel Power Controller,
using optimum cycle control for high-accuracy control with minimal noise. Terminal type: Exposed-lead Models.
Protective tubing diameter D (mm): 3.2 dia.
Protective tubing length L: 15cm.
Lead wire type: Standard.
Lead wire length M : 4m.
A Wide Variety of High-precision.
Temperature Sensors.
Previous models with M3 screw connections have been joined,
by new models with ferrules to help reduce wiring work.
Ideal for the thermal input devices of Temperature Controllers.
Select from a wide variety of Temperature Sensors according,
to the temperature to be measured, location, and environment,
and also according to the type and shape of the terminal.
A3CT-90E1-24EW Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=A3CT-90E1-24EW&select=5

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