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Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Name: CompoBus/S Master Unit
Model: CJ1W-SRM21
Market price: U.S.$ 490.22
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
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Last one: OMRON CJ1W-TB101
Appearance: Standard.
Sensing method: Through beam type (with slot).
Connecting method: Connector model (4 poles).
Sensing distance: 5 mm (slot width).
Operating mode: Dark-ON/Light-ON (2 outputs).
Indicator mode: Incident light.
Model: NPN output.
Built-in connector enables,
downsizing and easier connection.
Protective circuit for safe operation.
A built-in connector minimizes the shape and dimensional,
requirements CJ1W-SRM21
Two outputs: light-ON and dark-ON.
Complete lineup including seven different shapes.
Safer operation with built-in power supply reverse polarity,
Output overcurrent protection with a thermal shutdown,
circuit (patent pending).
The indicator can be seen from many directions to enable,
installation in more locations.
Connector with lock that mates with commercially available,
connectors. Size: 48 * 48mm, terminal type.
Category: control output 1 point type (power supply AC100 ~ 240V).
Shell color: black.
Control output: linear voltage output.
Control mode: standard or heating cooling.
Auxiliary output points: 2 points.
Heater break, SSR fault detection function: -.
Event entry point: 2.
Transfer output: output (using control output).
Communication: -.
New program type.
A new type of liquid crystal with high performance cost ratio is adopted in the 256 paragraph,
Visual angle, contrast can be improved.
Can be set up to 8 procedures (mode) x 32 (step) procedure.
High resolution 5 bit display / can display 0.01 degrees C (to achieve a small size of 48 x 48mm).
High speed sampling period 60ms.
Full of all models (capable of thermocouple /Pt/ analog input switching),
1 machines to support a variety of sensors.
Add PV/SV state display function, to see the state of the thermostat
(automatic / manual, RUN/RESET, alarm),
Interactive display PV/SV.
By supporting software (Ver.4.3 CX-Thermo),
In simple arithmetic functions (AND/OR logic and delay).
Setting the program settings that can perform flexible contact output.
The control output ON/OFF times counting function can predict the fault of the internal relay of the temperature controller.
CJ1W-SRM21 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=CJ1W-SRM21&select=5

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