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Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Name: MIL Connector Terminals with Transistors
Model: DRT2-ID16ML
Market price: U.S.$ 568.18
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Pressure range: Positive pressure; 0 to 100 kPa.
ON/OFF output: Open collector (two independent outputs).
Linear output: 1 to 5 V.
Model: NPN output.
Pressure Sensor with.
Easy-to-Read LED Display.
Pressure status can be checked at a glance from the,
digital display and bar display.
Measurement pressure prevents incorrect outputs due,
to momentary pressure changes.
Perform automatic teaching simply by teaching pressure,
values for good and bad products DRT2-ID16ML
Industry’s smallest models at just 28 × 28 × 29 mm.
Only in hysteresis mode. Specification: single phase 200V
Power: 2.2KW.
Maximum output voltage: three phase input voltage.
Rated voltage, frequency: single phase power supply 200 ~ 50/60Hz, 240V.
Cooling: forced air cooling.
Weight: 1.9kg.
Open loop vector control mode of low speed and high torque, rich control function and convenient distribution management network function,
Set in one of the inverter --3G3MZ.
3G3MZ series inverter for the application of frequency control and development.
Humanized design and advanced management technology, as well as OMRON a simple style of modeling, feature rich style,
Combined with the latest technical needs of users, so that it has a noble lineage and the most close to the market elements.
Covers the special features of the fan pump class, open loop vector function,
Built in noise filter and a variety of network bus,
3G3MZ will be your most economical and the most perfect choice. Appearance: Square/Projection type LED lighting,
(without Voltage Reduction Unit) A22L-C.
Output: SPST-NC + SPST-NC.
Lighting: LED.
Operating voltage: 24 VAC/VDC.
Operation: Alternate operation (self-holding).
Illumination color: R (red); Y (yellow); G (green); W (white); A (blue).
Install in 22-dia. or 25-dia. Panel Cutout.
(When Using a Ring).
Lever for easily mounting and removing the Switch Unit.
Increase wiring efficiency with three-row mounting of Switch Blocks.
Finger protection mechanism on Switch Unit provided as a standard feature.
Use 25-dia. ring to install in 25-dia. panel cutouts.
Mounted using either open-type (fork-type) or closed-type.
(round-type) crimp terminals.
IP65 oil resistance (non-lighted models).
IP65 (lighted models).
DRT2-ID16ML Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=DRT2-ID16ML&select=5

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