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Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Name: Differential Pressure Sensor
Model: E8Y-A2C
Market price: U.S.$ 482.54
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
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Last one: OMRON E8Y-A2Y
Size: 48 x 96mm.
Control output 1: current.
Auxiliary (alarm) output: 4.
Transfer output: -.
Event input: 4.
Communication: -.
Disconnection detection: 1.
Power supply voltage: DC24V/AC24V.
E5 - C series of new products program.
Maximum 256 segment of the program capacity,
Support for multiple applications.
Can be set up to 8 procedures (mode) x 32 (step) procedure.
The use of high 25mm (E5AC-T), 18mm (E5AC-T) PV display (white),
Improve visibility E8Y-A2C
Not only on the top of the body, but also on the front,
The use of communication adapter cable (sold separately) connected to the computer after,
No power connection can be set.
It can be easily set by CX-Thermo (sold separately).
High speed sampling to achieve 50ms.
With auxiliary output (4 points), event input (maximum 6 points), the transmission output,
Support a variety of applications.
Slender fuselage depth 60mm.
Easy to connect with PLC through no program communication.
Combined temperature control device through component communication.
Add position proportional control type, also support control valve control. The main body: terminal type, temperature input type.
Category: control output 1 point type (power supply AC100 ~ 240V).
Shell color: black.
Control output: voltage output (SSR driver).
Control mode: standard or heating cooling.
Auxiliary output points: 2 points.
Heater with broken wire, SSR fault, heater over current detection function /ES1B power supply: ES1B power supply.
Event input points: -.
Transfer output: -.
Communication: RS-485.
48mm general thermostat has been upgraded & function / performance upgrade.
Indicates that the accuracy is increased and the preventive maintenance function is increased,
Further performance improvement.
E5CN-U (insert type) add analog input and current output type.
Add PV/SV status display function, convenient to check the state of the thermostat (automatic / manual, RUN/STOP, alarm),
Interactive display PV/SV.
Increase the number of control output ON/OFF counting function, can prevent the maintenance of temperature controller internal relay.
E8Y-A2C Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=E8Y-A2C&select=5

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