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A3CT-90E1-24ER | OMRON Button switch A3CT-90E1-24ER

OMRON A3CT-90E1-24ER Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Button switch
Model: A3CT-90E1-24ER
Type: 1a1b welding terminal.
Shape: round.
Type: small load.
Action: instantaneous action (auto recovery).
With light: LED with light.
Using voltage: DC24V.
Operation Department color: red.
20mm long, with 12 round series
High brightness all one side light.
Because it is round, so easy to punch.
Miniaturization, operation feel good.

Actuator: Roller lever: R38.
Wiring specification: NO wiring.
Item: Anti-coolant; High-sensitivity.
Pretravel (PT): 10°.
Select the Best Two-circuit Switch for the,
Operating Environment and Application,
from a Wide Range of Models,
A wide selection of models is available, including General-purpose,
Environment-resistant, and Spatter prevention Switches OMRON A3CT-90E1-24ER.
Standard-feature gold-clad crossbar contacts provide high reliability A3CT-90E1-24ER
Applicable to either standard loads or microloads.
Switches with Lever Actuators provide 90° overtravel,
one-side operation, and four-direction head mounting.
Approved standards: EN/IEC, UL, cUL, and CCC.
Contact your OMRON representative for information on approved models OMRON A3CT-90E1-24ER. Ratings: 0.1 A at 30 VDC.
Cable: VCTF oil-resistant cable*.
Actuator: Sealed pin plunger.
Cable length : 3m.
Compact Limit Switch That''s Also.
Thin and Highly Sealed.
Approved by EN, UL, CSA, and CCC (Chinese standard).
(Ask your OMRON representative for information on approved models.)
Sealing characteristics that meet IEC IP67 degree of protection.
Triple-sealed construction:
Plunger section sealed via nitrile rubber packing seal and,
diaphragm; switch section sealed via nitrile rubber cap;
cable entrance sealed via encapsulating material OMRON A3CT-90E1-24ER.
Cable lengths of 3 and 5 m available on standard models.
Models also available with UL and CSA-certified cables.
Multiple mounting possible with Switches with Plungers.
Models with red LED indicators added to series for easy,
confirmation of operation.
(Set by default to light for non-operation.)
VCTF oil-resistant cables with CE marking.
(Applicable only to standard models.) Model: A7D.
Classification(See note 1.): Screw mounting (back mounting).
Output code number: 06 (binary coded decimal).
Terminals: PCB terminals.
Color: Light gray.
Ultra-small, Low-cost, Push-operated.
Switchhes A3CT-90E1-24ER.
All-in-one design means fewer parts are required. This product,
delivers high reliability at a low cost.
Uses long-lasting resin springs to achieve a long mechanical,
durability expectancy of 30,000 operations.
Models with sstoppers for restricting the setting range are available A3CT-90E1-24ER.
The series includes a complete range of pen-push models that,
prevent accidental operation.

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