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E2G-M18KN14-M1-D1-T | OMRON Cylindrical proximity sensor E2G-M18KN14-M1-D1-T

OMRON E2G-M18KN14-M1-D1-T Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Cylindrical proximity sensor
Model: E2G-M18KN14-M1-D1-T
High performance price ratio standard type proximity sensor.
Standard cable protector.
The new DC two-wire type.
Non polar proximity sensor.
Type: DC two-wire / connector type.
Polarity: none.
Shape: non shield, M18.
Detection range: 14mm.
Action mode: NO.

Sensing method: Through-beam (Emitter + Receiver).
Connection method: Pre-wired (2 m).
Sensing distance: 300 mm.
Operation mode: Dark-ON.
Model: PNP output.
Makes Mounting and Installation Simpler and Smoother.
Suitable for Applications in the Rechargeable Battery Industry. E32-T222R type: standard type; soft (new standard),
Features: with 1 OMRON E2G-M18KN14-M1-D1-T. 5 cylinder (small),
Shape / detection distance (mm): 160; 130; 75 (30),
Standard test object
(minimum test object) (mm) 1: 0 E2G-M18KN14-M1-D1-T5 (0.005),
Fiber element for meeting diversified needsAppearance: Flat Unshielded.
Sensing distance: 10 mm[4 to 10 mm *].
Output configuration: DC 3-wire NPN.
Model/Operation mode: NO.
Flat Capacitive Sensor with a.
Thickness of Only 10 mm OMRON E2G-M18KN14-M1-D1-T.
Flat Sensor with excellent space efficiency.
(Model with built-in Amplifier is only 10 mm thick.)
Direct mounting onto a metallic surface is possible. Power supply voltage: AC/DC power supply selectable type.
Sensing method: Through-beam (Emitter + Receiver).
Sensing distance: 40 m.
Output configu ration: Relay.
Long-distance Photoelectric Sensor.
That Supports AC/DC Power Supplies OMRON E2G-M18KN14-M1-D1-T.
Long sensing distance that is approximately 8,
times that of our conventional model (for the,
Through-beam and Diffuse-reflective models).
(Through-beam: 40 m, Retro-reflective: 7 m, and,
Diffuse-reflective: 2.5 m.) .
Improved visibility:
A red LED that makes the spot visible.
Large indicators that can be seen even from a,
Improved operability.
(Enlarged sensitivity adjuster and operation selector)
Freely selectable power supply input (24 to 240 VDC, 24 to 240 VAC).
(Additional types added to the DC type lineup.)
Models with infrared LEDs are also available. Type: AC/DC/battery .
Key features and benefits.
Made specifically for pick & place,
Encoder input for conveyor tracking,
and calibration.
Shape based objeect detection E2G-M18KN14-M1-D1-T.
Smart calibration wizard.
Sysmac Studio software for vision.
system operation and setting. E3F3-R36M detection methods: Regression reflection type,
Lead extraction: CN M12,
Type: metal appearance; PNP output,
Threaded cylindrical phhotoelectric sensor, built-in amplifier,
Photoelectric sensor with proximity sensor appearance
High anti interference with optoelectronic -IC technology

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