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E2V-X8B2 2M | OMRON All Metals and Long-distance Types E2V-X8B2 2M

OMRON E2V-X8B2 2M Manual And Instructions
E2V-X8B2 2M datasheetPDF datasheet
E2V-X8B2 2M datasheetPDF datasheet

OMRON E2V-X8B2 2M Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: All Metals and Long-distance Types
Model: E2V-X8B2 2M
Appearance: Shielded, M18.
Sensing distance: 8 mm.
Output: PNP.
Model: Operation mode NC.
Aluminum and Iron Both.
Detectable from Long Distances.

Size: M8(Stainless steel)(See note 2.); Single; Unshielded.
Sensing distance: 2 mm.
Connecting method (See note 1.): M8 Connector (3-pin).
Body length: Long.
Output configuration: PNP.
Operation mode NO.
A new generation in global applications. Sensing method: Through-beam (Emitter + Receiver) OMRON E2V-X8B2 2M.
Connection method: Pre-wired (2 m).
Response time: 1 ms.
Sensing distance: 60 m E2V-X8B2 2M
Model: PNP output .
Compact and Reliable,
Laser Photoelectric Sensor.
Safety and reliability with laser class 1 (JIS and IEC).
Product lineup includes models with distance setting without,
influence of color.
Maximum ambient operating temperature of 55°C and water,
proof construction in E3Z class. Power supply voltage: 12 to 24 VDC OMRON E2V-X8B2 2M.
Output configuration: Open-collector output (NPN output).
Output phases: Phases A and B.
Resolution (pulses/rotation): 100, 200, 360, 500.
Compact Encoder with External.
Diameter of 25 mm.
Incremental model.
External diameter of 25 mm.
Resolution of up to 500 ppr. Size: M12 (brass), two times the distance type, shielding type.
Detection range: 4mm.
Connection mode: lead type (cable length is 2M and 5m two) OMRON E2V-X8B2 2M.
Thread length: Standard type.
Output type: PNP.
Action mode NO.
Set up the new standard of the world economy proximity sensor.
OMRON as a pioneer and leader in proximity sensor industry,
Now bring you a new E2B proximity sensor with high performance to price ratio.
This series of products are complete,
Aimed at reasonable prices to meet customer demand for high quality and high reliability of the sensor.
We have tested the product not only on the protection level (IP67) specific item,
The oil spray test was carried out on the condition of the work site.
Simulation test was carried out in the environment of high oil mist concentration. 。Sensing method: Diffuse-reflective.
Appearance: Horizontal.
Connection method: Pre-wired.
Sensing distance: 2m.
Water- and Oil-resistant E2V-X8B2 2M.
Photoelectric Sensor with.
Metal Housing Used for Long.
range Sensing.
Excellent resistance against the water and oil.
Easy application in locations with oil mist.
Long-range sensing up to 30 m with Throough-beam models E2V-X8B2 2M.
Shock resistance rated at 1,000m/s2.
Product lineup includes metal M12 pre-wired connector models.
NPN/PNP selector switch output.

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