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K2GA-V | OMRON High voltage ground relay K2GA-V

OMRON K2GA-V Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: High voltage ground relay
Model: K2GA-V
Open circuit: voltage, no voltage, DC circuit breaker.
Appearance: ADR shell.
Rated current: AC110V.
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz.
Consume VA: action time 5VA below.
Action current adjustment range (zero phase converter primary current):
0.1-0.2-0.3-0.4-0.6A (5 shunt).
Control output: 1a, DC; closed circuit 110V 15A 1C 1000 (L/R=0ms),
Open 110V 1A DC 1000 (L/R=25ms).
Relay control output for circuit breaker switching.
Quality: about 0.6kg.
External: Mount Searl N1.5.
High voltage grounding relay type K2GA thin,
Miniaturization, and digital type precision mounting.
Strong anti interference ability,
Stable operation in the arc grounding fault.
Can carry out fine current adjustment, easy to coordinate.
Set alarm terminal.
The adjusting part of the action current is a rotary switch mode, which is convenient for adjustment.

Rated voltage: 115 V.
Permitted voltage fluctuation range: 85% to 110% rated voltage.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Rated rotational speed: 50 Hz, 2100 r/min; 60 Hz, 2200 r/min.
Maximum flow rate: 50 Hz, 2.0 m3/min; 60 Hz, 2.1 m3/min.
Maximum static pressure: 50 Hz, 47 Pa; 60 Hz, 44 Pa.
Noise: 50 Hz, 45 dB; 60 Hz, 46 dB OMRON K2GA-V.
Weight: Approx. 2220 g.
Comprehensive Lineup of Single,
Double, and Triple Axial Fans with,
Easy One-step Mounting K2GA-V
Mounts in a square cutout and conceals the hole-cut to,
simplify installation work.
Cover can be set to open either upward or downward for,
convenience in confined spaces.
Enhanced accessories (finger guard, filter, plug cord,
mounting screws).
Optional Replacement Filter and Vent Attachment OMRON K2GA-V.
The lineup includes Single, Double, and Triple Box Fans,
with eight models with plastic blades and eight models with,
metal blades. No. of cable cores: 4.
Item: Standard cable.
Cable connection direction: Straight.
Cable length L: 5 m.
Small Round Water-resistive.
Water-resistive, compact connector meets IP67 requirements.
Conventional M8 screw-mounting models are available along with,
S8 snap-in models that connect and disconnect with one touch OMRON K2GA-V.
Ideal for a wide variety of FA and OA applications.
Connectors on both cable ends require no harness work.
Some new M8 models with 3 or 5 poles. Cable length L: A, 3.0 m; B, 2.75 m; C, 3.0 m.
Connect Connector-Terminal,
Block Conversion Units (XW2@) to,
I/O Units for Programmable,
Controllers with one touch. Cable: PUR.
Cable core number (core): 3.
Cable outside diameter: 4.3mm.
Cable lead direction: straight line type.
Cable length L:2m.
Small round type waterproof connector.
Small waterproof connector can meet the requirement of protection IP67.
Is the ideal choice for a variety of FA and QA applications.
As with connector cable products, so no need for wiring operation.
Setting range: 2 to 20 mA AC/DC, 10 to 100 mA AC/DC, 50 to 500 mA AC/DC.
Power supply voltage: 24 VAC/DC.
Ideal for Current Monitoring for.
Industrial Facilities and Equipment.
Monitor for overcurrents and undercurrents simultaneously.
Separate settings and outputs supported for overcurrents and unndercurrents K2GA-V.
Use commercially available CTs (CT current on secondary,
side: 0 to 1 A or 0 to 5 A).
Manual resetting and automatically resetting supported by one Relay.
Startup lock and operating time can be set separately.
Two sets of SSPDT output contacts, 5 A at 250 VAC (resistive load) K2GA-V.
Output status can be monitored using LED indicator.
Inputs are isolated from the power supply.

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