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R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series | OMRON Servo Drives R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series

OMRON R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series Manual And Instructions
R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series datasheetPDF datasheet
R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series datasheetPDF datasheet

OMRON R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Servo Drives
Model: R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series
Linear Motor for Higher-speed.
and Higher-precision.
Inherited functions and performance of G5.
series and EtherCAT communications achieve.
high-speed and high-precision positioning.
Lineup of compact and high-thrust iron-core.
motor type and cogging-free ironless motor type.
with excellent speed stability.
Same Iron-core motor type for 200V AC and 400V AC.
Quick setup by automatic setup function.

Support for a Wide Range of Applications with Position Control,
Speed Control, Torque Control.
High-speed Response.
The G-series AC Servomotors and Servo Drives have,
achieved high-speed response capabilities, with a high,
response frequency of 1 kHz.
Suppressing Vibration of Low-rigidity Mechanisms during,
Acceleration/Deceleration OMRON R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series.
The damping control function suppresses vibration of,
low-rigidity mechanisms or devices whose ends tend to,
vibrate R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series Two damping filters are provided to enable switching,
the vibration frequency automatically according to the direction,
of rotation and also via an external signal. In addition,
the settings can be made easily merely by setting the vibration,
frequency and filter values, and you are assured of stable,
operation even if the settings are inappropriate OMRON R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series.
High-speed Positioning via Resonance Suppression Control,
The realtime autotuning function automatically estimates,
the load inertia of the machine in realtime and sets the,
optimal gain. The adaptive filter automatically suppresses,
vibration caused by resonance. Also, two independent,
notch filters make it possible to reduce vibration of a,
mechanism with multiple resonance frequencies OMRON R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series. High-Speed and High-Precision.
G5 Series EtherCAT Communications.
with the Controller.
High-accuracy positioning with fully-closed control.
Servo Drives for 400VAC globally widens applicable systems.
and environment, including large-scale equipment.
Safe design and Safe Torque Off (STO) function.
Vibration can be suppressed in acceleration/deceleration,
even in low-rigidity mechanical systems. Advanced Functionality in a Super Compact Design.
Compact AC Servo Drives.
The footprint of the compact AC Servo Drives is only 48%,
that of the SMARTSTEP A Series, and the volume is only,
39%. The AC Servo Drives of the SMARTSTEP 2 Series,
are also equipped with new functions and higher perfor,
mance for more accurate positioning.
Vibration Suppressed during Acceleration/Deceleration of,
Low-rigidity Mechanisms.
Damping control suppresses vibration when using the,
SMARTSTEP 2 for low-rigidity mechanisms or devices in,
which the end vibrates.
Resonance Control for High-speed Positioning.
Realtime autotuning estimates the load inertia of the ma,
chine in realtime and automatically and constantly sets the,
optimal gain. The adaptive filter automatically suppresses,
vibraation caused by resonance R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series.
Compatible with 90° Phase Difference Input Command,
In addition to conventional CW/CCW inputs (2 pulses) and,
SIGN/PULS inputs (1 pulse), the SMARTSTEP 2 supports,
90° phasse difference inputs R88L-EC Series/R88D-KN_-ECT-L Series. This makes it possible to input,
encoder output signals directly into the Servo Drive for sim,
plified synchronization control.

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