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Enclosed Switches
ZE Series/ZV Series/ZV2 Series/XE Series/XV Series/XV2 Series

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General-purpose Enclosed. Switches with High Breaking. Capacity and High Durability. Z General-pu
Enclosed Switch
ZC-_55 Series

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Small, High-precision Enclosed Switch. Small, High-precision Enclosed Switches with Built-in Basic,
Enclosed Switch
SHL Series

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Compact, General-purpose Horizontal. Switches. Models for Microloads Added to Series. Approved by
Miniature limit switch
D4X Series

Low price, practical and high limit switch
Small limit switch for Chinese market
D4MC Series -N

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A closed switch with a built-in standard type switch, with a long service life, 10 million times ab
Enclosed Switch
D4MC Series

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Economical, High Utility Enclosed Switch. Enclosed Switches with Built-in Basic Switches for High,
Small Sealed Switch
D4E-N Series

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Slim and Compact Switch with Better. Seal and Ensuring Longer Service. Life than D4E. Flat spring
Small Enclosed Switches
1VE Series

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Small, Lightweight Enclosed. Switches. V-series Switches were placed in diecast cases to provide,
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