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OMRON CS1W-SCU21 Manual CS1W-SCU21 Safety Precautions

Brand: OMRON
Product model: CS1W-SCU21
Name: Communications Boards
Sort: Safety Precautions
File language: English
File size: 0.46MB
Name: Compact Connectors.
Specifications: Outputs; 2 inputs; NPN.
Bit slave of smallest class in industry,
Innovation in wiring for any type of machinery.
Available in 2 types: 2-point Bit Slave Unit,
and 4-point Bit Slave Unit.
Compact size for installation in limited space.
Save space and wiring since bit slave can be,
installed near I/O devices CS1W-SCU21 Safety Precautions.
Industry first bit slave connectable with round,
cables which can be easily purchased at a lower price CS1W-SCU21
Connectable with flat cables, too for easy wiring.
Cables are selectable depending on applications. Number of outputs: 16 pts.
Max. switch-ing capacity: 50 mA at 4.5 V DC to 300 mA at 26.4 V.
External connector: Terminal block.
Weight: 210 g max CS1W-SCU21 Safety Precautions. For 8-slot Backplane.Unit: 10 points (6 inputs/4outputs); Connector model.
Inputs: 6 points at 24 VDC.
Outputs: 4 transistor sinking outputs.
Clock: Yes.
Ultra-compact, Thin-profile CPM2C CPU.
Unit with CompoBus/S Master Offering.
High-speed Bus Communications with,
No Complicated Wiring.
Ultra-compact, thin-profile design ideal for on-site,
Ultra-compact at 40 x 90 x 65 mm (W x H x D) with CS1W-SCU21 Safety Precautions.
10 I/O points and CompoBus/S Master offers.
versatile expandability to construct systems.
meeting on-site needs.
A large number of expansion I/O points reduces,
system construction cost.
Up to three Expansion Terminals can be,
connected. Furthermore, CompoBus/S Remote,
Terminals can be used for expansion I/O points.
Not only in-panel wiring but also external wiring is,
simplified. Furthermore, the miniaturization of the,
control panel reduces cable, terminal block, and wiring costs.
Easy System Designing, Modification, and Expan sion.
CompoBus/S Remote Terminals withh high-speed CS1W-SCU21 Manual.
bus communications and no complicated wiring.
can be used as expansion terminal blocks with,
minimal modifications as long as room for,
expansion is reserved at the designing stage.
A calendar/clock ensures easyy machinery control,
including data collection and error logs with date,
and time stamps CS1W-SCU21 Manual. This functionality can be used as,
a weekly timer as well.
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