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OMRON ZEN-20C1DT-D-V2 Manual ZEN-20C1DT-D-V2 User's Manual

Brand: OMRON
Product model: ZEN-20C1DT-D-V2
Sort: User's Manual
File language: English
File size: 0.37MB
Optical system: diffuse type.
Detection distance: 350 positive and negative 135mm.
Beam shape: point beam.
Beam diameter: diameter of 240 M.
Resolution: 20 m.
Cable length: 0.5m. Appearance: Sensor head: 1.5 m type.
Temperature: Measurement range, –25 to 60°C;
Measurement precision, ±0.3°C (at 25°C); Resolution, 0 ZEN-20C1DT-D-V2 User's Manual. 1°C.
Relative humidity: Measurement range, 0 to 99%;
Measurement precision, ±2 ZEN-20C1DT-D-V25% (at 25°C, 10 to 85%); Resolution, 0.1%.
Weight (packaged): Approx. 300 g.
Accessories: Mounting screw (M3 x 8) x 1.
Easy temperature and humidity control with an SD Card. Optical system: positive and negative radiation.
Detection distance: 25 positive and negative 2mm.
Beam shape: linear beam ZEN-20C1DT-D-V2 User's Manual.
Beam diameter: 2.2mm * 45 M.
Resolution: 0.6 M.
Cable length: 2m. Type: Used for connecting Ionizers.
Cable length: 1,750 mm.
The highest level of ionization in its class.
Sensing and variable-AC system provides fast and meticulous ionization.
Linked Ionizers cover a wide area without causing uneven ionization.
Digital ion display provides simple and reliable settings. Measuring range: 20±1mm ZEN-20C1DT-D-V2 User's Manual.
Spot diameter: 40µm dia.
Static resolution: 0.25µm.
To achieve a compact Sensor Head and high-resolution measurements,
the ZW Series uses a white light confocal principle to detect objects.
This principle is described below. Item: Data Logger.
Easy-to-use and Compact 10-Channel Logger,
with Internal 4 GB Flash Memory. Classification: Standard.
Contact gap: G (0.5 mm).
Drip-proof terminal protective cover: Not provided.
Actuator: Short spring plunger.
Best-selling Basic Switch Boasting.
High Precision and Wide VVariety ZEN-20C1DT-D-V2 Manual.
A large switching capacity of 15 A with high repeat accuracy.
A wide range of variations in contact form for your selection: basic,
split-contact, maintained-contact, and adjustable contact gap types.
A series off standard models for micro loads is available ZEN-20C1DT-D-V2 Manual.
A series of molded terminal-type models incorporating safety,
terminal protective cover is available.
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