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OMRON ZEN-20C2AR-A-V2 Manual ZEN-20C2AR-A-V2 User's Manual

Brand: OMRON
Product model: ZEN-20C2AR-A-V2
Sort: User's Manual
File language: English
File size: 0.37MB
Power supply voltage: 24V DC±10%, Ripple (p-p): 10%.
Current consumption: 3.0A max.
Discharge voltage: ±7.5kV.
Discharge method: Variable DC.
Ionization time: 1 s.
Ion balance: ±10V max.
Amount of ozone generated: 0.01 ppm,
(Measured at a distance of 50 mm from air outlet).
Indicators: Power (Green), Fan running (Green), Cleaning (Yellow), Alarm (Red) ZEN-20C2AR-A-V2 User's Manual.
Main functions: Ion balance adjustment (Automatic and manual) ZEN-20C2AR-A-V2
External output (for both cleaning and alarm outputs): Photo MOS relay output,
(NPN or PNP)Applied voltage: 30VDC max., load current: 100mA max.
Residual voltage: 1V max.
Discharge stop input: No-voltage contact input, ON: 0V short circuit,
OFF: Open (leakage current: 0 ZEN-20C2AR-A-V2 User's Manual. 1mA max.).
Ambient temperature range: 0 to 50˚C (No icing or dewing).
Ambient humidity range: 35% to 65% (No icing or dewing).
Weight (Packaged): Approx. 2 kg (Approx. 3 kg).
Material: Body:Aluminum, ABS Electrode needle: Tungsten.
Accessories: Instruction sheet, I/O connector, Stand, Streamer.
This ionizer series is designed to go anywhere.
All models are easily installed on narrow,
workbenches or in high positions where earlier,
models presented installation issues ZEN-20C2AR-A-V2 User's Manual. Ultra high performance sensors support the core quality of large scale ultra precision measurement.
Measurement center distance of 20 ~ 1500 mm of various models.
Maximum resolution of 0.25 mu m.
Maximum response speed of 110 Mu s.
Support parallel output.
Best size / stability.
Sensor size.
Pay attention to the performance of the best sensor head size and 3 point type fixed structure to ensure superior sensing stability.
Excellent mobile resolution.
Perspective resolution enhancement.
By improving the sensitivity and resolution of the optical lens,
Optimization of optical system,
Thereby greatly reducing the motion resolution error (due to the location of the workpiece surface caused by the error). Classification: Micro load.
Contact gap: H (0.25 mm).
Actuator: Pin plunger.
Best-selling Basic Switch Boasting.
High Precision and Wide VVariety ZEN-20C2AR-A-V2 Manual.
A large switching capacity of 15 A with high repeat accuracy.
A wide range of variations in contact form for your selection: basic,
split-contact, maintained-contact, and adjustable contact gap types.
A series off standard models for micro loads is available ZEN-20C2AR-A-V2 Manual.
A series of molded terminal-type models incorporating safety,
terminal protective cover is available.
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