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OMRON ZN9-TC20-S Pirce

Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Model: ZN9-TC20-S
Price: 0
Terminal type: Exposed-lead Models.
Protective tubing diameter D(mm): 1 dia.
Protective tubing length L: 20 cm.
Lead wire type: Standard.
Lead wire length M: 1m.
A Wide Variety of High-precision.
Temperature Sensors.
Previous models with M3 screw connections have been joined,
by new models with ferrules to help reduce wiring work.
Ideal for the thermal input devices of Temperature Controllers ZN9-TC20-S
Select from a wide variety of Temperature Sensors according,
to the temperature to be measured, location, and environment,
and also according to the type and shape of the terminal. Contact type: Standard load (250 VAC, 3 A; 30 VDC, 4 A).
Operation: Momentary operation (Self-resetting).
Case color: Light gray.
Output: DPDT.
Lighting: Incandescent lamp; 28 VDC/VAC .
Pushbutton color symbol: R.O.G.W.
Large Square-bodied Lighted.
Pushbutton Switches.
Excellent operating sensitivity.
Excellent illumination with even surface brightness.
Three-color models (green, orange, red; chameleon lighting).
included in lineup. Actuator: Roller plunger (Metal roller).
Cable length: 5 m.
Pull-outing direction of cable: Vertical.
Built-in switch: 2NC (slow-action).
Smallest Class of Safety Limit Switches the World.
The world''s smallest limit switch with a direct opening,
mechanism (four-contact construction model).
High-sensitivity safety limit switch.
Built-in switches with two- or four-contact construction are available.
Degree of protection: IP67.
Conforms to EN115-1, EN81-1 and EN81-2.
(slow-action models only).
Certified standards: UL, EN (TÜV), and CCC. Model: CPM2C-20CDTM-D. CPU Unit: Units with 20 I/O points.
2 MIL connectors.
Inputs: 12 inputs.
Outputs: 8 outputs.
Input type: 24 VDC.
Output type: sinking transistor.
Internal clock: --.Type: square.
Screen mode: no segmentation.
Output: SPDT.
Power supply voltage: DC12V.
Contact type: standard load (AC250V, 3A; DC30V, 3A).
Operation: alternating action (self retaining).
Operation Department color: White (using yellow and green LED).
In the touch and the ability to protect than OMRON''s previous models have improved.
The micro volume design of 23mm is realized.
Micro design and unique combination of soft sensing.
LED has five colors (red, yellow, green, white, and blue).
Built in basic switch improves touch.
Built in basic switches in the previous model based on the OMRON to improve the protection.
Chip LED to produce a uniform surface brightness.
From the front panel installation, more convenient.
ZN9-TC20-S Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=ZN9-TC20-S&select=5

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