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Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Name: Next-Generation Production Environment Sensors
Model: ZN-THS17-S
Price: 0
Cable type: Standard Cables.
Type: Cable with Plugs on Both Ends (M12 Right-angle/M12 Right-angle).
Cable length: 1 m.
Cables and Connectors for,
EtherCAT® and Other Industrial,
Ethernet Networks. Case color: Light gray.
Lighting method: Incandescent lamp; 6 VDC/VAC.
Display color symbol: R.O.G.W.
Large Rectangular-bodied Indicators.
Excellent illumination with even surface brightness.
Three-color models (green, orange, red; chameleon lighting),
included in lineup ZN-THS17-S Type: square.
Screen mode: no segmentation.
Light way: incandescent lamp.
Power supply voltage: 28V.
Operation Department color: green.
Square 40mm body of the indicator light series.
The same type as the A3S series button switch.
Easy to install from the front panel and no tools to carry out the lamp replacement. Wire length: 1m.
Core line type: K (CA).
Temperature sensing part of temperature controller.
In the application field of packaging molding machine is widely used,
Further strengthened the high cost models.
Easy to install / replace the structure.
With springs, you can use the active part (E52Z-CA1D-40). Contact type: Microload (125 VAC, 0.1 A; 30 VDC, 0.1 A).
Operation: Momentary operation (Self-resetting).
Case color: Black.
Output: DPDT.
Lighting: LED; 24 VDC.
Pushbutton color symbol: R.O.G.W.
Large Square-bodied Lighted.
Pushbutton Switches.
Excellent operating sensitivity.
Excellent illumination with even surface brightness.
Three-color models (green, orange, red; chameleon lighting).
included in lineup. Appearance: Shielded, 3.8 dia.
Stable sensing area: 0.8 (1.8) mm.
Separate Amplifier Sensor with.
Sensitivity Adjustment.
Compact design with smaller Sensor Head.
Heat-resistance model available for application between.
-10 and 200°C. Number of beams: 44.
Protective height: 910mm.
Model: NPN.
Easy-to-use Safety Sensor Ideal for.
Simple On/Off Detection Applications.
Provides simple safety functions - saving TCO.
by reducing errors.
Simple wiring with only 4 wires.
Fast response time of 5 ms.
ZN-THS17-S Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=ZN-THS17-S&select=5

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