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Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Name: Next-Generation Production Environment Sensors
Model: ZN-THX11-SA
Price: 0
Type: CJ1 Special I/O Unit.
Name: CompoBus/S Master Unit.
Specifications: Communications functions,
Remote I/O communications; No. of I/O points,
256 max. (128 inputs and 128 outputs);
Max. Units mountable per CPU Unit: 40.
No. of unit numbers allocated: 1 or 2(variable).
Current consumption : 5V, 0.15A; 24V,--.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
CompoBus/S is a high-speed I/O bus. E32-L24L type: special light beam type; limited reflection,
Speciality: heat resistance of 105 DEG C: 4 level,
Bending radius (mm): R10 ZN-THX11-SA
Standard test object (minimum test object) (mm) 1: (0.005),
Fiber element for meeting diversified needsFunction name: 3 phase 200V.
Power: 7.5KW.
Rated output voltage: 3 phase, 200 ~ 240V (the output voltage can not exceed the input voltage).
Built in brake unit (brake resistance needs to be matched).
Weight: 3.4KG.
Dimension (w * h) 260mm *:140.
Outline dimension (deep):155mm.
Mechanical automation concept.
Positioning function.
The use of options.
(EtherCAT, CompoNet and DeviceNet) to realize the field bus communication.
Driver programming function.
Current vector control.
High starting torque: 0.5Hz up to 200%.
Safety features, in compliance with ISO13849-1:2008 EN (Cat.3/PLd) and IEC60204-1 stop level 0 standard.
Frequency output up to 580H. Size: M8(Stainless steel)(See note 2.); Single; Unshielded.
Sensing distance: 2 mm.
Connecting method (See note 1.): M8 Connector (3-pin).
Body length: Long.
Output configuration: PNP.
Operation mode NO.
A new generation in global applications. Type: Used for connecting Ionizers.
Cable length: 950 mm.
The highest level of ionization in its class.
Sensing and variable-AC system provides fast and meticulous ionization.
Linked Ionizers cover a wide area without causing uneven ionization.
Digital ion display provides simple and reliable settings. Appearance: Round/Flat type A22-F.
Output: SPST-NO.
Operation: Momentary operation (self-resetting).
Illumination color: R (red); Y (yellow); G (green);
W (white); A (blue); B (black).
Install in 22-dia. or 25-dia. Panel Cutout.
(When Using a Ring).
Lever for easily mounting and removing the Switch Unit.
Increase wiring efficiency with three-row mounting of Switch Blocks.
Finger protection mechanism on Switch Unit provided as a standard feature.
Use 25-dia. ring to install in 25-dia. panel cutouts.
Mounted using either open-type (fork-type) or closed-type.
(round-type) crimp terminals.
IP65 oil resistance (non-lighted models).
IP65 (lighted models).
ZN-THX11-SA Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=ZN-THX11-SA&select=5

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