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OMRON E6B2-CWZ5G 1800P/R 0.5M Pirce

Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Market price: U.S.$ 172.11
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
OMRON E6B2-CWZ5G 1800P/R 0.5M
Sensor method: Throughbeam.
Case material: Brass.
material Sheath: --.
Connection method: M12 connector.
Sensing distance: 10 m.
Output: PNP.
Detects Intrusions into Hazardous.
Areas with a Single Beam and.
Complies with International Safety.
Standards. Shape: with short lock (with open end cap).
Pole number: 14.
Pole pole number: 1.
Minimum packing unit: 80.
Printed board connector core, MIL specification standard E6B2-CWZ5G 1800P/R 0.5M
Through the use of new productivity design, high reliability and low price synchronization.
A box type plug (XG4C) which is convenient for saving space is provided in the province.
A press type plug (XG4E) capable of using the relay is provided.
Will be the company''s loose wire connector (XG5) - specific plug (XG8) and PCB type.
(XG2) combined use of various types of packaging can be achieved.
Suitable for the company''s own development of a simple locking lever can make the unique plug (XG8) and,
Box type plugs (XG4C) can also be locked.
MIL specification (MIL-C-83503) standard.
Standard product conforms to the UL specification (No. E103202 File) certified products. Type: Device Net.
The DeviceNet Communication Unit That.
Simplifies Managing Sensor Settings.
ON/OFF signals and incident light levels can be sent to the host,
PLC without any need for programming (DeviceNet communications,
slave functionality).
Threshold values and function settings can be read, written,
or taught (using the Message Communications function).
Simply connect the communication cables and slide the Amplifiers,
from the side for wire-saving.
Up to 16 Sensor Amplifiers can be connected. For C200H-PRO27-E Hand-held Programming Console ming Console.
2m.Input type: high speed response type.
Event input terminal 5 points (TIMING, S-TIM, HOLD, RESET, ZERO) is equipped with.
External power supply DC12V80mA.
Output type: relay contact; PASS1c; H, L: each 1c.
96 (W) * 48 (H * 95mm) depth.
Power supply voltage: AC100 ~ 240V.
High speed, high precision measurement, determine the color display,
Can switch the green / Red 2 kinds of display colors.
Equipped with the sub pressure gauge for monitoring the operation trend.
External event input can be applied to a variety of measurement and identification situations.
Series of DeviceNet type.
The depth (panel below) is only short size 95mm.
UL standard applicable certification (
E6B2-CWZ5G 1800P/R 0.5M Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=E6B2-CWZ5G 1800P/R 0.5M&select=5

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