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OMRON E6B2-CWZ5G 20P/R 0.5M Pirce

Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Market price: U.S.$ 131.34
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Ideal for Detecting Glass Wafers,
and Other Transparent Objects,
Detects glass wafers and LCD glass circuit boards. Size: Shielded, M8.
Sensing distance: 1.5 mm.
Model: Output configuration: NPN NO.
Highly Durable Proximity Sensor for.
Tough Environments.
Completely stainless-steel housing.
Aluminum chip immunity.
Embedding installation to metal (steel) fittings.
Chemical resistance certified by Ecolab Europe E6B2-CWZ5G 20P/R 0.5M
Lineup includes pre-wire models and DC 3-wire NPN output,
models with fluororesin coating. Modular panel direct mounting type, easy to install and maintain the basic type.
The relay unit is modular and easy to maintain.
With LED action display function, so that the state of action at a glance.
Tropical treatment and high temperature.
Stable detection can be achieved with high ambient temperature.
Type: G2 type, both full water alarm function of automatic water supply and drainage.
Package product name: 61F-G2 base * 1, 61F-11_ unit * 2.
Purpose: long distance use (2km). Output: DPDT.
Lighting: LED (with built-in reduced-voltage lighting function).
Operating voltage: 200/220 VAC/VDC.
Pushbutton colorsymbol: R: red, Y: yellow; PY: pure yellow
G: green, A: blue; PW: pure white; B: black *2.
Item: Momentary operation (Self-resetting).
Separate Construction with.
Cylindrical 16-dia. Body.
Miniature design of 28.5 mm, the smallest class in the industry.
Detachable Switch.
The same contacts can be used for both standard loads and microloads.
Easy-to-wire terminal arrangement.
Certified for EN 60947-5-1. Type of input: AC current input.
Output type: linear; current; NPN open collector (HH, H, PASS, L, LL).
Event input terminal 5 points (TIMING, S-TIM, HOLD, RESET, ZERO) is equipped with.
External supply 80mA DC12V.
Power supply voltage: AC/DC24V.
96 (W) * 48 (H * 95mm) depth
Some models are not equipped with.
The most suitable voltage and current signal simulation, measurement and display, identification of the panel table.
Action determine the color, can switch the green / Red 2 kinds of color display.
Equipped with the sub pressure gauge for monitoring the operation trend.
External event input can be applied to a variety of measurement and identification situations.
DeviceNet type
E6B2-CWZ5G 20P/R 0.5M Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=E6B2-CWZ5G 20P/R 0.5M&select=5

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