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OMRON E5CN-C2T-W AC100-240 Pirce

Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Market price: U.S.$ 369.34
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
OMRON E5CN-C2T-W AC100-240
Appearance: Round/Projection type LED lighting,
(without Voltage Reduction Unit)A22L-T.
Output: SPST-NO.
Lighting: LED.
Operating voltage: 24 VAC/VDC.
Operation: Alternate operation (self-holding).
Illumination color: R (red); Y (yellow); G (green); W (white); A (blue).
Install in 22-dia. or 25-dia. Panel Cutout.
(When Using a Ring).
Lever for easily mounting and removing the Switch Unit.
Increase wiring efficiency with three-row mounting of Switch Blocks E5CN-C2T-W AC100-240
Finger protection mechanism on Switch Unit provided as a standard feature.
Use 25-dia. ring to install in 25-dia. panel cutouts.
Mounted using either open-type (fork-type) or closed-type.
(round-type) crimp terminals.
IP65 oil resistance (non-lighted models).
IP65 (lighted models). CPU Unit: CP1L-EM CPU Units with 30 Points.
Specifications: CPU type, Memory capacity: 10K steps
High-speed counters: 100 kHz, 4 axes Pulse outputs:
100 kHz, 2 axes (Models with transistor outputs only);
Power supply, DC power supply; Output method, Transistor output(sinking);
Inputs, 18; Output, 12.
Standards: CE.
High Performing Programmable Controller with Embedded Ethernet.
"CP1L-EM" and "CP1L-EL" has a standard-feature Ethernet port.
"CP1L-M" and "CP1L-L" has a standard-feature peripheral USB port.
Function blocks (FB) allow you to build up modular structure and,
programming of ladder diagrams. Size: 48 x 96mm.
Type: thermocouple type.
Adjustment mode: ON/OFF action or PID action.
Alarm: single alarm.
Output: relay output.
Temperature controller with single alarm output.
SV and PV can be displayed at the same time.
Multiple temperature range allows setting the optimum temperature range.
The protection function can prevent the error in operation. Contact type: Standard load (250 VAC, 3 A; 30 VDC, 4 A).
Operation: Momentary operation (Self-resetting).
Case color: Light gray.
Output: SPDT.
Lighting: LED; 24 VDC.
Pushbutton color symbol: R.O.G.W.
Large Square-bodied Lighted.
Pushbutton Switches.
Excellent operating sensitivity.
Excellent illumination with even surface brightness.
Three-color models (green, orange, red; chameleon lighting).
included in lineup.
E5CN-C2T-W AC100-240 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=E5CN-C2T-W AC100-240&select=5

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