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Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Market price: U.S.$ 739.51
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Appearance: Rectangular (M16-J).
Lighting: Incandescent lamp, 5 VAC/VDC.
Degree of protection: IP40.
Display color symbol: R: red; Y: yellow; G: green; A: blue;
W: white; PY: pure yellow; PW: pure white.
Cylindrical 16-dia. Indicator.
Same basic design as the A16 Pushbutton Switch. Number of beams: 40.
Protective height: 605mm.
Model: PNP output.
Basic Type with a combination of.
performance and functionality E5CN-CQ203TD-FLK AC/DC24
Up to three sets of series-connected sensors.
The muting function is enabled simply with Muting Key Cap.
Comes standard with interlock and auxiliary output functions. Improved update. Reduce standby power consumption, and then achieve lightweight.
Standby power consumption reduced to 85% of the company''s previous products. (61F-GN)
The quality is reduced to less than 85% of the company''s previous products. (61F-G3N, G4N)
With LED action display function, so that the state of action at a glance.
By improving the reliability of internal relays (tiny load 1mA DC5V), the PLC input becomes possible.
The electrode side terminals and other wiring terminals are separated, so the wiring operation is simple.
Installation method can choose the JEM agreement, DIN guide rail installation, screw installation in 3 ways.
Type: IN type, water level display and alarm (No 2 wire in I).
Package product name: 61F-IN base * 1, 61F-11_ unit * 2.
Purpose: long distance use (2km). High performance price ratio standard type proximity sensor.
Standard cable protector.
The new DC two-wire type.
Non polar proximity sensor.
Type: DC two-wire / connector type.
Polarity: none.
Shape: non shield, M18.
Detection range: 14mm.
Action mode: NO. Terminal type: Exposed-lead Models.
Protective tubing diameter D: 4.8 dia.
Protective tubing length L: 35cm.
Lead wire type: Heat resistive.
Lead wire length M: 8m.
A Wide Variety of High-precision.
Temperature Sensors.
Previous models with M3 screw connections have been joined,
by new models with ferrules to help reduce wiring work.
Ideal for the thermal input devices of Temperature Controllers.
Select from a wide variety of Temperature Sensors according,
to the temperature to be measured, location, and environment,
and also according to the type and shape of the terminal.
E5CN-CQ203TD-FLK AC/DC24 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=E5CN-CQ203TD-FLK AC/DC24&select=5

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