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C200HS-ME16K | OMRON EEPROM Memory Cassette C200HS-ME16K

OMRON C200HS-ME16K Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: EEPROM Memory Cassette
Model: C200HS-ME16K
Model: C200HS-ME16K.
Description: EEPROM, 16K words.

C200H-CPU01-E/C200H-CPU03-E CPUs
High Spec, Small Rack Style,
OEM Version The C200H-CPU01-E and C200H-CPU03-E controllers offer big machine functions in a system designed ideally for basic OEM systems from 50 to 480 I/O.
A wide variety of plug-in style I/O modules are available,
including intelligent modules OMRON C200HS-ME16K. For 3-slot Backplane.Model: C200HW-COM03-V1.
Specifications: One RS-422/485 port C200HS-ME16KFor 8-slot Backplane.Model: C200H-OA223.
No. of points: 8 pts.
Specifications: 1.2A, 250VAC.8 pts, 1.2 A, 120 VACRemote use, microwave transmission for long distance.
ID sensor unit is a kind of non contact type identification system,
For unified products, unified production and unified control data,
Effectively produce quantity of products OMRON C200HS-ME16K.
Information on the factory automation identification system, there are classified samples can be provided.Model: C200H-PS211.
Supply voltage: 24VDC.A memory card suitable for Phoenix PCM+3.2 and one of thefollowing Bus Connection Units is required.
No PC card is provided with the Unit.Model: C200H-DA001.
Input points: 2.
Voltage input: 1 to 5V or 0 to 10 V OMRON C200HS-ME16K.
Current input: 4 to 20 mA.Model: C200H-OD21B.
No. of points: 32 pts.
Specifications: 24 VDC, 0.5 A (5A/Unit) .
Weight: 180g max.Model: C200H-TS002.
Temperature sensor: Thermocou-ples: K (CA)/L (Fe-CuNi)(DIN)(selectable)
Input points: 4 points/Unit max. (1, 2, or 4 points can be selected)Model: C200H-CN221.
Cable length: 200cm.Name: Heat/Cool Temperature Control Module.
Model: C200H-TV001.
Sensor: Thermocouple: R, S, K, J, T, E, B, N, L, U.
Control output: Transistor output.No. of I/O slots: 3 slots.UUM: 31 C200HS-ME16K. 2K words.
DM: 6K words.
EM: 6Kx3 banks(18K) words.
Instruction processing time (basic instructions): 0.1 µ.s min.
No. of I/O points: 880 points.
Max. no.of con-necting Expansion I/O Racks: 2 Racks.
Max. no. of connecting Higgh-density I/O Units(i C200HS-ME16K. e., Group-2): Unavailable.
Max. no. of con-necting Special I/O Units: 10.
RS-232C: NO.Model: C200H-CN131.
Cable length: 1, 000cm.

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