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K2CU-F80A-CGS | OMRON Heater Element Burnout Detector K2CU-F80A-CGS

OMRON K2CU-F80A-CGS Manual And Instructions
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OMRON K2CU-F80A-CGS Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Heater Element Burnout Detector
Model: K2CU-F80A-CGS
Control supply voltage: 100 VAC; With voltage fluctuation compensation.
Operating current: 32 to 80 A.
Accurate Detection of Heater Element.
Burnout Regardless of Heater Capacities.
Accurately detects a burned heater element or elements incor,
porated by a molding machine or packing machine and outputs,
an alarm signal.
Precisely singles out the burned element even if one heater el,
ement among several heater elements has been burned out.
Applicable to small- to large-capacity heater elements.
All K2CU-F large-capacity, built-in current transformer models,
work with both single-phase and three-phase heaters.
Voltage fluctuation compensation function eliminates false,
alarms due to variations in the supply voltage.

Type: Cable with Connectors on Both Ends (RJ45/RJ45).
Category: Cat.6a .
Cable sheath material: LSZH.
Cable color: Yellow.
Cable length: 0.2 m.
Cables and Connectors for,
EtherCAT® and Other Industrial,
Ethernet Networks. Cable specifications: Fire-retardant, Robot cable.
Cable length L: 10 m OMRON K2CU-F80A-CGS.
Cable outer diameter: 6 mm.
Straight Connectors.
Minimum order: 1.
Round Water-resistive Smartclick.
Connectors That Reduce Installation Work.
A newly developed lock mechanism that is compatible with round M12 connectors.
Simply insert the Connectors, then turn them approximately 1/8 of a turn to lock.
A positive click indicates locking.
Features the same degree of protection (IP67) as M12 connectors OMRON K2CU-F80A-CGS.
A full line-up of models is planned.
Connectors with Cables are UL approved. Power supply voltage: 100 to 240 VAC.
Output: Transistor.
Timer function: Yes.
Features: Multi-function with two inputs/one output.
Offers High-speed Input Response of,
0.1 ms and Equipped with Built-in Timer,
High-speed response of 0.1 ms.
Ideal as a two-input Controller.
Lineup includes the S3D2-BK with flip-flop functions convenient for,
level control, the S3D2-AKD/CKD/CCD with 24-V power supply, and,
the S3D2-DK/EK with one input/output OFF-delay (two circuits),
useful for load control and lamp display,
Power source for the Sensor can be supplied up to 200 mA OMRON K2CU-F80A-CGS.
Ultra-slim body with 30-mm width.
Multi-function model equipped with timer functions also available. Name: Spacer.
Minimum order (unit): 10.
Ordering Information. Terminal/mounting: Plug-in/DIN rail via socket.
Control voltage: 48 VDC.
Overcurrent detection: Innstantaneous type, W/start-up lock K2CU-F80A-CGS.
Solid-state, Plug-in Current Sensor.
Applicable to motor overcurrent protection and 3-phase AC current detection.
Inverse-type, start-up lock type, and instantaneous type over,
current sensors avvailable K2CU-F80A-CGS.
Instantaneous type under current sensor available.
Plug-in design simplifies installation, removal, and wiring.
DIN sized (48 mm x 96 mm).

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