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ZN-DPX21-SA | OMRON Thermo-Humidity Station ZN-DPX21-SA

OMRON ZN-DPX21-SA Manual And Instructions
ZN-DPX21-SA datasheetPDF datasheet
ZN-DPX21-SA Pressure StationUser's Manual
ZN-DPX21-SA User's Manual
ZN-DPX21-SA User's Manual

OMRON ZN-DPX21-SA Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Thermo-Humidity Station
Model: ZN-DPX21-SA
Item: Station.
Easy temperature and humidity control with an SD Card.

Appearance: Sensor head: 1.5 m type.
Temperature: Measurement range, –25 to 60°C;
Measurement precision, ±0.3°C (at 25°C); Resolution, 0.1°C.
Relative humidity: Measurement range, 0 to 99%;
Measurement precision, ±2.5% (at 25°C, 10 to 85%); Resolution, 0.1%.
Weight (packaged): Approx. 300 g.
Accessories: Mounting screw (M3 x 8) x 1 OMRON ZN-DPX21-SA.
Easy temperature and humidity control with an SD Card ZN-DPX21-SA Product name: Split type CT, Connector: For connecting the branch cable,
Cable length: 0.2 m.
Power supply: Battery/DC cable.
Easy and Quick "Checking Power"at the Worksite. Application: 410 × 410 mm.
Power supply: 24 VDC.
The ZN series is even thinner and,
sports improved air volume.
These products enable cleaning that,
is both fast and flexible OMRON ZN-DPX21-SA.
Three sizes are available to match various sizes of clean booths. Item (Measured particle diameter): Air Thermo Sensor,
For temperature / humidity measurement.
Make your entire production environment visible.
Multi-point monitoring of environmental data and central control. Rated primary current: 400 A.
Rated secondary current: Special output OMRON ZN-DPX21-SA.
Installation: Installed separately.
High-performance Power Monitor Suitable for On-panel Mounting and Display.
Assists Energy-saving Analysis.
Energy classification for wasted standby and stopped power.
(Classification based on external inputs is also supported.)
Power and current can be measured simultaneously.
Measurement of flow rates with a pulse conversion function.
Simple temperature measurements with Temperature Sensor included in the Unit.
High-precision Measurements.
Measurement of generated power (regenerative power),
leading reactive power, lagging reactive power, and consumed power.
Power measurements on the primary side of inverters,
which are widely used to save energy.
Automatic range switching for accurate measurement of standby and stopped power.
Energy-saving Functions.
Conversion to monetary cost. (Also used for classified standby and stoppedd power ZN-DPX21-SA. )
Alarm outputs can be selected for active power, reactive power,
regenerative power, current, voltage, or power factor.
The Power Monitor can log measurement data and supports Modbus communications.
Installation and Settingss ZN-DPX21-SA.
Direct measurement of three-phase, four-wire, 400-V line voltage.
Simple measurements without voltage wiring.
Incorrect voltage wiring detection.

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