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ZN-THX21-S Series | OMRON Thermo-Humidity Station ZN-THX21-S Series

OMRON ZN-THX21-S Series Manual And Instructions
ZN-THX21-S Series datasheetPDF datasheet

OMRON ZN-THX21-S Series Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Thermo-Humidity Station
Model: ZN-THX21-S Series
Easy temperature and humidity control with an SD Card.

Easy temperature and humidity control with an SD Card. Type: KM50-C intelligent monitor.
Application circuit: single phase 2 wire system AC100 ~ 240V; single phase 3 wire system AC100/200V;
Three-phase 3 wire system AC100 ~ 240V.
Power supply voltage sharing: sharing AC100 to 240V with the measured voltage input OMRON ZN-THX21-S Series.
Shape: 48 (H) * 48 (W) * 84 (D).
Communication: RS-485.
Protocol: ompoWay/F: the number of communication nodes 31 Modbus: the number of communication nodes 99 (shared) ZN-THX21-S Series
Energy classification function (industry initiative).
Show the 3-STATE function through the 3 color display energy saving room for improvement.
Equipped with easy to grasp the room for energy saving and convenient 3-STATE function OMRON ZN-THX21-S Series.
3-STATE function refers to the use of the state power, the cumulative power is divided into operation / standby / stop 3 types of functions.
2 and 3-STATE function linkage, can operate / standby / stop 3 points for individual output
(determine the object can be selected from power, current, voltage)
Pulse input count, pulse input ON time, unit power consumption measurement. Type: related equipment (sold separately); split type current transformer (CT) OMRON ZN-THX21-S Series.
Rated primary side current: 100A.
Rated two secondary current: 1A.
Simple monitoring of the use of electricity to support energy saving countermeasures.
On behalf of the use of the mechanical equipment, the measurement of the initial voltage, current,
Cumulative quantity, invalid power, power factor, frequency.
To achieve a simple record with a memory card. (with memory card function model)
The measurement data can be stored in the main body, and the centralized monitoring and managemennt can be carried out in the communication network ZN-THX21-S Series.
Wide 45mm miniaturization, simple set to the DIN guide. Application: 250 × 250 mm.
Power supply: Supplied from the Air Clean Unit.
The ZN series is even thinner and,
sports impproved air volume ZN-THX21-S Series.
These products enable cleaning that,
is both fast and flexible.
Three sizes are available to match various sizes of clean booths.

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