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OMRON ZEN-20C3AR-A-V2 datasheet PDF catalog ZEN-20C3AR-A-V2 PDF datasheet

Brand: OMRON
Product model: ZEN-20C3AR-A-V2
Name: Programmable Relay
Sort: PDF datasheet
File language: English
File size: 2.62MB
Appearance: Separate type.
Optical system: Through-beam.
Measuring width: 28mm.
Sensing distance: 0 to 500mm.
Resolution: 10µm.
Output type: PNP.
Measurable at any position.
The usual limitations, such as the ''measurement,
area being confined to the center''
or ''large errors due to positioning'',
that used to plague laser measuring sensors,
have now been overcome ZEN-20C3AR-A-V2 PDF datasheet ZEN-20C3AR-A-V2 Measurements can be,
consistently taken within a 500 mm area,
whatever stage the work is at or whichever way it is inserted.
It can now be set to positions without interference from,
the work feed and without limitations of size of work area. Shape: Cylindrical.
Dimensions: 3 dia. x 18 mm.
Sensing distance: 0.5 mm ZEN-20C3AR-A-V2 PDF datasheet.
Resolution: 1 μm.
High-accuracy Detection of Metal Workpiece Displacement.
Sensor Heads support a wide variety of applications.
Linearity can be adjusted for non-ferrous metals,
such as SUS and aluminum, using the material selection function.
Simple linearity compensation (teaching).
Easily perform calculation for two Sensors by using a Calculating Unit.
Prevent mutual interference for up to five Units by using a Calculating Unit ZEN-20C3AR-A-V2 PDF datasheet. Classification: Momentary operation.
Shape of Operation Unit: 40 dia.
Output: 1.
Operation Unit color: Yellow (-Y).
Long Service Life with Built-in Z-series.
Basic Switch.
Using a Basic Switch enables direct switching of large-capacity loads.
Shock-absorbing construction of Operation Unit protects the Switch.
Drip-proof Pushbutton construction enables use in locations subject to,
splashing water and oil and scattering dust.
Pushbuttons are available in three shapes and six colors. Easy and Quick "Checking Power"at the Worksite. Opttical system: positive and negative radiation ZEN-20C3AR-A-V2 datasheet PDF catalog.
Detection distance: 25 positive and negative 2mm.
Beam shape: linear beam.
Beam diameter: 2.2mm * 45 M.
Resolution: 0.6 M.
Cable length: 2m. Optical system: diffusee type ZEN-20C3AR-A-V2 datasheet PDF catalog.
Detection distance: 50 positive and negative 5mm.
Beam shape: point beam.
Beam diameter: diameter of 50 m.
Resolution: 0.8 M.
Cable length: 2m.
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