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Brand: OMRON
Product model: ZEN-10C1AR-A-V1
Name: PLC Module
File language: English
File size: 5.31MB
Classification: Momentary operation.
Shape of Operation Unit: 36 dia. 25 dia.
Output: 1.
Operation Unit color: Red (-R).
Long Service Life with Built-in Z-series.
Basic Switch.
Using a Basic Switch enables direct switching of large-capacity loads.
Shock-absorbing construction of Operation Unit protects the Switch ZEN-10C1AR-A-V1 REFERENCE MANUAL.
Drip-proof Pushbutton construction enables use in locations subject to,
splashing water and oil and scattering dust ZEN-10C1AR-A-V1
Pushbuttons are available in three shapes and six colors. Optical system: positive and negative radiation.
Detection distance: 20 positive and negative 1mm.
Beam shape: linear beam.
Beam diameter: 1.0mm * 20 m.
Resolution: 0.25 M.
Cable length: 2m. Actuator: Sealed (Booted); Sealed crossroller plunger; AC ZEN-10C1AR-A-V1 REFERENCE MANUAL.
Mounting: Base mounting.
Approved standards: UL CSA.
General-purpose Enclosed.
Switches with High Breaking.
Capacity and High Durability.
Z General-purpose Basic Switches are built into ZE, ZV,
and ZV2 Switches. They provided high durability and high,
breaking capacity.
X Basic Switches with magnetic blowout are built into XE,
XV, and XV2 Switches ZEN-10C1AR-A-V1 REFERENCE MANUAL. DC models have also been added,
to the series.
Three mounting methods (side, base, and diagonal side),
and many types of actuator are available.
Terminals face the front when the cover is removed for,
easy connection.
Switches with ground terminals have CE marking.
Approved by UL, CSA, and CCC (Chinese standard).
(Ask your OMRON representative for information on approved models.)Classification: Standard.
Contact gap: G (0.5 mm).
Drip-proof terminal protective cover: Provided.
Actuator: Pin plunger .
Best-selling Basic Switch Boasting.
High Precision and Wide VVariety ZEN-10C1AR-A-V1 Manual.
A large switching capacity of 15 A with high repeat accuracy.
A wide range of variations in contact form for your selection: basic,
split-contact, maintained-contact, and adjustable contact gap types.
A series off standard models for micro loads is available ZEN-10C1AR-A-V1 Manual.
A series of molded terminal-type models incorporating safety,
terminal protective cover is available.
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