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GT1-OD16MX-1 I/O specification: 05 A, DC/transistor OMRON GT1-OD16MX-1

Number of phases: Single-phase.
Insulation method: Phototriac coupler.
Operation indicator: Yes (yellow).
Rated input voltage: 12 to 24 VDC.
Zero cross function: No.
Applicable load: 35 A, 100 to 240 VAC.
Compact, Slim-profile SSRs with Heat,
Sinks. Models with No Zero Cross for,
a Wide Range of Applications GT1-OD16MX-1.
RoHS compliant.
Modelss also available with no zero cross,
Surge pass protection improved surge dielectric strength for,
output currents GT1-OD16MX-1. (OMRON testing).
Compact with a slim profile.
Mount to DIN Track or with screws.
Conforms to UL, CSA, and EN standards (TüV certification). Name: Multi-channel Power Controller.
Number of control channels: 4.
Heater burnout detection: Not supported.
Load power supply voltage: 100 to 240 VAC GT1-OD16MX-1.
Optimum Cycle Control for High-precision.
Control with Low Noise.
Smaller than a Normal Power Controller.
Enables low-noise power control in combination with zero-cross.
SSRs. (See note.).
One Controller can control up to 8 SSRs OMRON GT1-OD16MX-1.
RS-485 communications to set manipulated variables and,
heater burnout detection. The Smart FB Library for the G3ZA,
can also be used.
CE Marking.
Main Upgraded Functions.
Soft-start function added for lamp heaters.
Three-phase optimum cycle control added for three-phase heaters OMRON GT1-OD16MX-1.
Combining with special CT for150-A current detection.
Note: The G3ZA must be used in combination with an SSR without the,
zero cross function when the soft-start function is used.
Unit: Connector model.
I/O classification: Digital output.
Internal I/O common: PNP (+ common) OMRON GT1-OD16MX-1.
I/O points: 16.
I/O connections: Molex connector.
Power supplyvoltage: 24 VDC.
I/O specification: 0.5 A, DC/transistor.
Digital I/O Units Compatible with MULTIPLE I/O TERMINAL,
Terminal block, connector, and high-density connector,
models are available.
The circuit block of the terminal block model can be,
mounted or dismounted for ease of maintenance without,
disconnecting the wires.
DIN track mounting. Safety outputs *1: Instantaneous, 2; OFF-delayed*2, 2 (Semiconductor).
Auxiliary outputs *2: 2(Semiconductor).
No. of input channels: 1 or 2 channels.
Max. OFF-delay time *1: 15 s.
Rated voltage: 24 VDC.
Terminal block type: Screw terminals.
Logical AND Function Adds Flexibility to I/O Expansion.
Facilitates partial or complete control system setup.
Solid-state outputs (excluding Expansion Units).
Detailed LED indications enable easy diagnosis.
TüV SüD certification for compliance,
with IEC/EN615088 (SIL3), EN ISO13849-1 (PLe/Safety Category 4) GT1-OD16MX-1.
Approved by UL and CSA.
New unit joins the Series with the following two additional features:
-OFF-delay time of up to 150 seconds can be set.
-Two logical AND connection inputs.
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