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XWT-ID08-1 Expansion Units OMRON XWT-ID08-1

Shape: DIP straight terminal.
Pole number: 64.
Pole pole number: 2.
Minimum packing unit: 30.
Printed board connector core, MIL specification standard.
Through the use of new productivity design, high reliability and low price synchronization.
A box type plug (XG4C) which is convenient for saving space is provided in the province XWT-ID08-1.
A press type plug (XG4E) capablee of using the relay is provided.
Will be the company''s loose wire connector (XG5) - specific plug (XG8) and PCB type XWT-ID08-1.
(XG2) combined use of various types of packaging can be achieved.
Suitable for the company''s own development of a simple locking lever can make the unique plug (XG8) and,
Box type plugs (XG4C) can also be locked.
MIL specification (MIL-C-83503) standard.
Standard product conforms to the UL specification (No XWT-ID08-1. E103202 File) certified products. Mounting method: Embedded with no screw threads.
Pin shape: Solder cup pin.
Applicable wire diameter: AWG22 to 28.
DC: Model.
Minimum order: 50.
Water- and Environment-resistive FA.
Connectors Save Wiring and Maintenance Effort OMRON XWT-ID08-1.
Compact FA connectors meet IP67 requirements and ensure a,
94V-0 fire retardant rating.
A wide array of connectors makes a wiring system more modular,
simplifies maintenance, and reduces downtime.
Connectors with Cables and Connector Assemblies are available OMRON XWT-ID08-1.
Three types of Connector Assembly: Crimping, soldering, and screw-on.
Connectors with Cables are UL certified.
Based on IEC61076-2-101 (IEC60947-5-2) and NECA 4202.
Name: Expansion Units.
Specifications: inputs ;
8 inputs; PNP;
One Expansion Unit can be,
mounted to one CRT1-ID16(-1),
CRT1-OD16(-1), CRT1-ROS16,
or CRT1-ROF16 Digital I/O Slave OMRON XWT-ID08-1.
Standards: CE, UC, UC1, N.
"Easy" and "Flexible" system expansion,
with linked CC-Link and CompoNet.
Branching is easily made with CompoNet.
Wiring material cost can be reduced.
Bit-level I/O distribution reduces,
wiring in the system.
A wide variety of CompoNet Slave Units,
contribute to system size reduction.
Seven-segment Display on the Gateway Unit,
helps to detect errors on site.
The Participation Flags and Communications,
Error Flags can be checked at the Host,
Controller to detect the location and,
content of the error XWT-ID08-1. Cable type: Standard Cables.
Type: Cable with Plugs on Both Ends (M12 Right-angle/M12 Right-angle) .
Cable length: 10 m.
Cables and Connectors for,
EtherCAT® and Other Industrial,
Ethernet Networks.
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