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H7EC-NV-B | OMRON Self-powered Total Counter H7EC-NV-B

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OMRON H7EC-NV-B Manual And Instructions
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H7EC-NV-B Communications Manual

OMRON H7EC-NV-B Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Self-powered Total Counter
Model: H7EC-NV-B
Count input: PNP/NPN universal DC voltage input(4.5 to 30 VDC).
Max. counting speed: 30 Hz ←→ 1 kHz(switchable).
Display: 7-segment LCD.
Model: Black body.
Eight-digits, counting range 0 to 99999999.
Dual input speed: 30 Hz ←→ 1 kHz,
(except for AC/DC multivoltage input models).

Number of outputs: 8 outputs.
Mounting method: Surface mounting/track mounting.
Output configuration: NPN transistor output.
Bank function: No.
This Compact Cam Positioner, Popular for Its.
Ease-of-use, Now Comes with Even Better Functions.
Compact 8-, 16-, and 32-output Models available that,
are 1/4-DIN size at 96 x 96 mm OMRON H7EC-NV-B.
High-speed operation at 1,600 r/min and high-precision settings,
to 0 H7EC-NV-B5° ensure widespread application.
Highly visible display with backlit negative transmissive LCD.
Advance angle compensation function to compensate for output delays.
Bank function for multi-product production (8 banks).
(H8PS-16@/-32@ models.).
Speed display and pulse output.
Approved standards: UL/CSA and EMC OMRON H7EC-NV-B. Input type: NPN/ voltage pulse input type.
Event input terminal 5 points (HOLD, RESET, COMPENSATION) is equipped with.
External power supply DC12V80mA.
Communication: RS-485; NPN open collector (OUT5, OUT4, OUT3, OUT2, OUT1).
96 (W) * 48 (H * 95mm) depth.
Power supply voltage: AC/DC24V.
High speed pulse.
Measuring, increasing or decreasing pulse meter.
Action determine the color, can switch the green / Red 2 kinds of color display OMRON H7EC-NV-B.
The best choice of rotating encoder and all kinds of ON/OFF pulse signal at high speed,
Cumulative pulse input is 50kHz, the phase difference pulse is 25kHz, and the increment is reduced A DIN 72 x 72 mm Best-selling Counter.
Easy setting with thumbwheel switches.
A draw-out construction enables maintenance without rewiring.
Models with 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-digit displays are also available.
Total Counter models are also Available.
Complies with UL and CSA Marking. Count input: No-voltage input.
Display: 7-ssegment LCD H7EC-NV-B.
Max. revolutions displayed (applicable encoder resolution):
1000 s–1 (1 pulse/rev.), 1000 min–1 (60 pulse/rev.); Black body.
Revolutions displayed up to five digits.
Dual revolution display according to encoder resolution used;
1000 s–1/1000 min–1 or 1000 H7EC-NV-B. 0 s–1 /1000.0 min–1,
Switchable dual revolution display type available (-NV1 models);
extended up to 10000 min–1.

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